Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hello world!

Finally i am back again, after a month leaving my page growing its own spiderwebs! Hehehe.

As most of you have already known, i have just started working with Panasonic System Networks Malaysia Sdn Bhd in Senai Industrial Area.

All i can say is that it has only been a month and i can't really tell you whether it is that challenging or not. I guess i have to wait for February's month end to find out! Wish me luck everyone! (although i am not sure who is reading my blog. hehee)


  1. sis, i baca blog u tau..
    seat belakng u tu dh ada org isi blum?
    rasanya i x dapat sebab dh dapat email

    -position closed-


    x dapat i jumpe mr.kacak u tu..

  2. kak ela...pojie bc tau.Hari2 sure nengok whether u updated or not.Huhuhu...gud luck!

  3. "...although i am not sure who is reading my blog. hehee"

    amboi... sis kite ni nak taw sape yg bace blog nye... sbb tu la dia wat ayat cenggini... :D kan sis kan???

  4. salam...nk tanye..muzibiha kwn awak tu muzibiha bt mahsom ke?tq